Our Story

Welcome to our practice, a human-centered, skin health-first approach to clinical acne care. Our mission is to transform how you treat acne through science-backed solutions that support healthy skin long-term. We know acne is confusing, frustrating, and isolating. In an age of misinformation, we are here to provide you with vetted guidance and support wherever you may be in your journey.

Our Founders

Founder & CEO

Danielle Kar

I started OSQUO from my own frustrating experience living with recurring acne for over 14 years. How to effectively treat acne without damaging your skin barrier is largely misunderstood and confusing. It's my personal mission to empower you with the tools and guidance to overcome your acne confidently. I hope OSQUO is more than skincare you love but a space that helps you learn more about your skin and connect with others on a similiar journey. Here's to achieving happy and healthy skin together!

Head of Product Developement & Research

Dr. Venessa Peña- Robichaux

With over 20 years of clinical expertise, Dr. Peña brings a level of nuance absent in the acne category. As assistant professor in the Department of Internal Medicine at Dell Medical School at the University of Texas Austin and head of the Follicular Disorders Clinic in Austin, Dr. Peña is dedicated to bringing the latest innovation and inclusive dermatological research to OSQUO's products.

  • Inclusively Clinical

    Skincare backed by decades of first hand research and real results across diverse skin tones, skin types and ages– always!

  • Skin and Acne Safe

    Never bleaching, no pore-clogging formulas, no sensitizing irritants– ever!

  • Benefits Beyond Acne

    Skin concerns like dark spots, scars, redness, dry skin, bumpy skin texture– gone!